Wake Electric Launches Lighting Control Modules for Public Lighting

  • December 19,2017.

Zonke Goode Lighting gives public service providers more control than ever before, with a lighting solution and module that fits into standard socket fixtures. The module identifies the type of light (legacy or LED) and adjusts to accommodate capabilities like flashing and dimming. Lighting, public safety and conservation can be addressed with the click of a button.

The lighting module offers users a full range of programmable control options, including dimming levels, alarm reporting for maintenance needs and lighting performance analytics. For example, utilities and other public service providers can use street and area lights to brighten public spaces or dim lights that are not needed. Then the Sensus FlexNet® communication network and lighting software lets users keep an eye on all those lights at once—from the comfort of a desk chair. With these control capabilities taking place remotely, Wake Electric can save money, conserve energy and improve customer service.

With its onboard metrology chipset, Sensus Zonke Goode Lighting also helps public service providers manage power outages. Smart street and area lights can serve as bellwether meters and provide data on voltage, outages and overall power quality. The data can help Wake Electric enhance reliability by bringing power back to customers more quickly.

“These lights are a great source of information that will enable us to better monitor our coverage areas and better serve our customers,” said Bowman. “Zonke Goode Lighting can immediately alert us to an outage in the network and allows us to respond quickly and notify customers that power restoration is underway.”

Smart lighting is a natural extension of Wake Electric’s ongoing partnership with Sensus for their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), smart meters and data analytics. Since 2012, Wake Electric has used FlexNet to remotely manage their system and improve billing accuracy, system management and customer service. Lighting data is carried over the FlexNet communication system, a long-range radio network that serves as a dedicated and secure two-way communications highway and requires less infrastructure than competing solutions.